Keyport Historical Society is a non-profit organization funded by generous donations from the public.




Our mission is:


  • To obtain and preserve historical records, private or public, and to make them accessible to all who wish to examine or study them.
  • To maintain a community museum which would include artifacts used and made in our early history.
  • To place special emphasis on making the museum facilities available to all school children of the area.
  • To publish historical material in the newspapers and other media forms from time to time.
  • To stimulate historical interest in the Borough of Keyport, New Jersey.
  • To research and maintain archives and support publication of Keyport history to include Genealogy.
  • To support the preservation of the historical character of the Borough of Keyport, NJ.


If you wish to support the Keyport Historical Society please send your donation to:

Keyport Historical Society  PO Box 312  Keyport, NJ  07735


Thank you for your support!